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Resources 4 Adoption

Online resource for adoptive families seeking up-to-date information on adoption grants and loans and how to qualify for them, with tips to assist families in removing financial barriers to adoption.

Adoption Grants & Finance

SHOW HOPE Adoption Grants


Your Adoption Finance Coach –

Help Us Adopt – 

Adoption Loans –

General Adoption Resources – Comprehensive adoption resources – National Council for Adoption – Employers providing adoption subsidies

Adoption Clubhouse – A unique adoption website for children ages 8 – 13. – Joint Council for International Children’s Services

Gift Of Adoption Fund – Give a child a home for a lifetime!

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse – A comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption, including infant, intercountry, special needs, legal issues and more

Rainbow Kids – An Online International Adoption Publication with Waiting Child Photos

Adoption Statutes, Legislative Code – U.S. State Dept. Adoption Information

China and Asian Adoption

China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)

Families with Children from China

Our Chinese Daughters Foundation

The China Cares Foundation

Families with Children from Vietnam

Burundi Language Resources — Kirundi Books and Audio

Families planning their travel will find these resources useful…

Kirundi Language
Kirundi Grammar
Here is a book by another author that comes with audio files as well:
Kirundi Audio Files
This is a link to a Bible in Kirundi with audio recordings to go along with the text; very helpful for learning rhythms of speech and tone:
Kirundi Bible with Audio
Kirundi Bible

Eastern European Adoption

Families for Russian and Ukranian Adoption

Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund — Support for children remaining in orphanages

FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) Information

Site sponsored by the US Dept of Health and Human Services; excellent information, links and current research

California Fetal Alcohol Organization — an excellent site and check their “links” page for more useful websites.

Site sponsored by British Columbia, Canada

Cerebral Palsy Information Website

Cerebral Palsy Information

Travel Information Websites

Intellicast World Weather — World weather forecasts

U.S. State Department — Travel Advisories, Consular Information Sheets & Public Announcements

Center for Disease Control