Adoption Statistics

Jan. 2014

ICF has been in hiatus with several of our international programs.  Currently, Mexico and Burundi are the countries where we are working, along with our ABC Domestic Adoption program.  For your review:

Guatemala and Vietnam Adoption remain closed.

Kyrgyzstan Adoption has re-opened and ICF is in the application and approval process.

Kazakhstan Adoption is temporarily closed as they restructure their international adoption programs.  This restructuring has been ongoing for more than two years, to date.  Kazakhstan may reopen this year as a Hague Convention member state.  Kyrgyzstan plans to reopen and approve a limited number of US agencies to work there.  ICF’s Kyrgyzstan program was founded in conjunction with Tatiana Belousova, a US citizen of Kyrgyz origin and founder of St Philomena Adoption, a licensed adoption agency in Colorado.

Haiti Adoption is not an active program for ICF.  Our former facilitator, Vera Valdivia, worked in the relief effort after the earthquake, and then returned to the US.  She continues to work on behalf of Haitian women and children with her “Famn pou Famn” micro-business project in Haiti.

Mexico Adoption is a very active program.  This is an overview of our adoptions… ICF is working in eight states in Mexico.  Each state has similar but different laws that affect adoption, much like the US.  By year…

2009-2010 ICF worked with five families.  Four completed adoptions, two from Sonora and two from Chihuahua.

2011 ICF worked with ten families, three of whom have completed adoptions, two from Sonora and one from Nayarit.

2012 ICF worked with thirteen new families.   This was a transition year for Mexico, with many changes in state and federal administration.  Two families completed adoptions from Sonora.

2013 ICF worked with eight new families.  Two families completed adoptions, one in Sonora and one in Baja California.

2014 ICF has two new families to date.  Two families have completed adoptions to date, and four more have approved referrals and are on the cusp of completing adoptions in Sonora, Baja, Coahuila, Michoacán and Chihuahua.  We anticipate ten families completing adoptions.  Most families are adopting two children, so the actual number of children adopted is nearly twice the number of families.

Burundi Adoption is an active program.  As of January 2014, we have eight families in process, with one anticipating completing the adoption of a daughter in early 2014.

ICF has never had an international adoption placement disrupt or dissolve.

ICF provides home study and post placement or post adoption services for all countries.  We welcome your inquiries and are happy to share additional information and references.

ABC Infant Domestic Adoption LLC is a very active infant adoption program.  All of our birthmothers have been from Arizona.  Adoptive families have been from AZ, CO, MA, PA, NC, TX, WA and HI.

2009 We placed one child.

2010 We placed two children.

2011 We placed twelve children.

2013 We placed ten children.  We also had four adoption plan derailments; two birthmothers changed their minds, one miscarried and in one case the baby was taken into custody by CPS, along with the child’s siblings.

2014 We’ve placed one child, to date.

US Dept of State Intercountry Adoption Statistics

For the complete Fiscal Year 2011 report on international adoption from the US Dept of State, visit