Hague Convention & UAA Home Study Requirements

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Hague Convention Home Study Guidelines

Home Study Preparer

Only an individual or entity defined as a home study preparer for Hague Convention cases may complete a home study for a Hague adoption.

If the home study is conducted in the United States, the preparer must hold whatever license or authorization the law of that State requires of practicing home study preparers.  However, if the home study is conducted outside of the United States, the preparer must hold any license or authorization required to conduct home studies under the law of that country.

If the adoption service provider who prepares home studies abroad is also engaged in the provision of any adoption services in the United States, the adoption service provider must also be authorized or licensed to do so in any State in which the adoption service provider practices (see 8 CFR 204.301).

A home study preparer means an entity (whether an individual or an agency) that is authorized to conduct home studies for Hague adoption cases and includes:

  • A public domestic authority
  • An accredited agency
  • An approved person
  • A supervised provider
  • An exempted provider
  • Someone (if not a public domestic authority) who holds any license or other authorization required to conduct adoption home studies under the law of the jurisdiction in which the home study is conducted (see 22 CFR 96 and 8 CFR 204.301)


  • The home study must be submitted to USCIS within 6 months of the date the home study was completed.
  • If the home study is submitted after 6 months, it must include an update or an amendment that is not more than 6 months old.
  • If an update is submitted to USCIS, a full copy of the original home study must accompany the update, including all prior updates and amendments.
  • A home study amendment or update is required when a significant change in the applicant’s household occurs such as a change in residence, marital status, criminal history, financial resources, and/or the addition of one or more children or other dependents to the family prior to the child’s immigration into the United States.

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