Adoption Stories

Our Adoptive FamiliesMichelle Mya

These families and many more have volunteered to be reference families for International Child Foundation. Please feel free to contact us for more information, so you can talk with them, yourself!

Michelle (Home Study & Guatemala Adoption)

We had an experience beyond our expectations! We met her foster mom and our lawyer — all were kind beyond words. We recommend our adoption agency highly!

Shirley & Aaron (Home Study & Vietnam Adoption)

When we started the process we thought we would never get through it, but Jackie and our social worker would call us to see how we were doing and to encourage us. We feel privileged to have found such a supportive and encouraging agency. They helped us every step of the way.

Lilian & James (Guatemala Adoption)

My husband and I turned to International Child Foundation after an unsuccessful attempt at an adoption with another agency. Jackie was very understanding and sensitive to our needs. She answered all our questions without hesitation and provided a very transparent process. It felt so reassuring to have the option to directly communicate with our facilitators and our son’s foster-mother during the process. Jackie is passionate about her work. Her email updates make it clear that she has “the big picture” in mind. Our interactions were always professional and her responses were immediate. We would recommend International Child Foundation without hesitation to other families seeking to expand their family through adoption.

Robert & Holly (Home Study for Russia & Domestic Adoptions)

We enjoyed working with you and appreciate how quickly ICF responded to every request.Rachel Riddik

Kelly & Rachel (Home Study & Guatemala Adoption)

We appreciated being able to talk to Jackie and loved our Attorney and his assistant. We brought our baby boy home right before Christmas.

Jennifer & Benjamin (Home Study & Guatemala Adoption)

“We knew that with every step in the process we had someone who we could call. We attended two of Jackie’s seminars in Mesa and enjoyed them very much. Jackie really cares about the families. We highly recommend International Child.”

Jeannie (Home Study & Vietnam Adoption)

Jackie and Peggy were my total support system throughout my adoption. I am so glad I went with International Child. They could not have been more caring. Jackie helped throughout the adoption; she found doctors for us in Vietnam when we needed them!

Melissa & Kirk (Home Study for Guatemala & Domestic Adoption)

Jennifer, our home study social worker and Jackie were fast and very supportive – we are fortunate to have found them.

Donna & Steve (Home Study for Guatemala Adoption)

We love Jackie’s Adoption Updates and Peggy our home study social worker was wonderful! We recommend ICF highly!

Steve & Melanie (Guatemala Adoption)

The best decision we ever made was deciding to adopt, the second was to call International Child. Jackie was the most informative and personable agent we could have ever hoped for! We live in Texas, but our adoption went through very smoothly, it felt like Jackie was right there with us! We now have our baby girl Olivia home with us and couldn’t be happier! She’s absolutely perfect! Thank you Jackie and International Child!

Lisa & Jonathan (Ethiopia & China Adoption Home Studies)

Jennifer and Jackie have been incredibly supportive and helpful – we appreciate the dedication to adoption at ICF!

Tim & Tiffany (Home Study for Ethiopia Adoption)

Jennifer wrote our home study and ICF has been just wonderful to work with – our family hopes to do another adoption with them someday!

Amber & William (Home Study & Kyrgyzstan Adoption)

We came into the Kyrgyzstan program from Vietnam, feeling very discouraged. But Jackie helped us with the new dossier, and we were the proud parents-to-be of a beautiful baby boy within a couple months! Kaiden is a happy, chubby baby, who came home at about 8 months. Our adoption started in February 2008 and he came home in June. We recommend any family talk with Jackie at International Child Foundation. She will definitely tell you the whole story and help you prepare for adoption, and we loved Peggy our home study social worker, too!

Beth (Home Study & Domestic Adoption)

I was blessed to be chosen to be the mother of a 3 month old boy born thousands of miles away and living in an orphanage. Just a few months later, the ‘plan’ was changed. The country stopped adoption and his birth family returned for him. I was left wondering, ‘What now?’ It was then that I began to research domestic adoption and found that Jackie, Peggy and Tracy would be able to help. I loved that I could stay with ‘my adoption family’ as I continued the journey. I was encouraged when I felt overwhelmed with the process and relied on Jackie’s compassion to keep everything in perspective. In January my son was born, perfect and beautiful. It was love at first sight. I am now the mother of two wonderful children.  I will always be grateful and honored that I had the opportunity to work with these wonderful women.

Wes & Christina (Home Study for Marshall Islands)

When we decided that international adoption was right for our family we called many agencies and worked hard to educate ourselves. After years of research, we found Jackie, at International Child Foundation, to be the most informed and caring representative. Lori was assigned to do our home study and was as kind and helpful as Jackie. ICF has been instrumental in making our adoption process a fond memory. If it wasn’t for Jackie’s support, diligence and steadfast assurance, we wouldn’t be the same family today. Thank you ICF!”

Doug & Lindsay  (Home Study & Domestic Adoption)

We will always be grateful for the opportunity to adopt Lilah. She is our joy. She is our “this was meant to be” baby. Every day is brimming with happiness and our dream of becoming parents has finally come true, thanks to Jackie and Tracy! We love being parents!Kala and Scott

Scott & Kala (Home Study & Domestic Adoption)

We feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy son. We were connected to the perfect birth mom and our journey to adopt was completed. Jackie, Tracy and Lori help adoptive families every step of the way. We highly recommend them!  Their honesty, warmth and availability helped make our adoption easy. Thank you!

Laurie & Chris (Domestic Adoption)

“Jackie and Tracy were wonderful to work with during our recent adoption. We came to them from another agency and let me tell you, it was night & day!  They’re so kind and loving to everyone involved.  The adoption journey is emotional and overwhelming but they were there for us and our birth parents every step of the way!  Thank you for being such wonderful people.  We can’t wait to come back for round 2!

Michael & Kristi (Home Study & Domestic Adoption)

Honesty and support have been something that we have appreciated about the staff at ICF/ABC Infant Adoptions. We started the process of our adoption journey in September of 2012. By November 2012 our home study was complete and by January 2013 we received our court certification. The process was quick and simple and the staff dedicated!! Then the wait was on. On April 3rd 2013 our son was born! We received a call that he had been born that morning and we were chosen to be his adoptive parents! Four hours’ notice and a couple of nights in the hospital and we were bringing home our precious son! It was love at first sight!! Tracy came to the hospital each day to see how things were going and was so supportive through the whole process!  Not all adoptions will happen as quickly as ours and there will be bumps in the road but given the opportunity we would definitely recommend ICF’s ABC infant adoption.

Teddy & Mariela (Home Study & Mexico Adoption)IMG_3074

Because of our Latino heritage it was very important for us to adopt a child from Mexico. We pursued adoption from Mexico at the least desirable time, when many laws where changing and new procedures where being implemented.  We contacted several agencies and our prayers were answered when we found International Child Foundation. No other agency was both certified by the Hague Convention and had their finger on the pulse of all of the new laws, requirements and procedures for adoption in Mexico. We know that international adoption can turn in to a nightmare without preparation, guidance and expert knowledge. We were very happy with and grateful for the diligence and care that ICF provided. Today, our daughter is able to be part of this picture and our lives, thanks to the hard work of Jackie, Ricardo, Tiffany, Peggy and the team of professionals trusted by ICF.

Bobby & Anabel (Home Study & Mexico Adoption)

From the very start the ICF Team was outstanding. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of the international adoption process. The process does take time, which Jackie advised us from our very first meeting, but with her and Attorney Gallego’s hard work, support and personal dedication, everything went well. Throughout the process they always kept us informed and updated on how everything was progressing. They were always very attentive to all our needs and concerns and quick to address any issues that arose.  Even while finalizing our adoption in Mexico City we received daily calls from our Attorney Ricardo.  ICF’s Social Worker Lori was also very caring and helpful and did a great job in completing our Home Study in a thorough and expeditious manner.  We appreciate and are very thankful to ICF for their caring dedication and professionalism. Thanks to the ICF Team we brought our little blessing home in March 2013.

We have many families who would be happy to talk with you about your adoption plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for our reference family list!