What Makes ICF Different?

The Adoption Mission & Philosophy of ICF

Mexico Nogales Visit 7-3-09 013 - CopyAt ICF, we believe our destiny as humans rests on our ability to love each other as brothers and sisters. Adoption creates families from across the US and many parts of the globe, mixing heritage and culture, bringing the world together. Adoption expands our identities and widens our horizons.

International Child Foundation is an Arizona state licensed and Hague Accredited non-profit adoption agency providing international and domestic adoption services. We serve children who need families throughout the US and all over the world. 

We are members of the National Council for Adoption and often present at their annual conference.  Our staff advocate for children across the world, highlighting their rights and needs.

Bur-TiffanyOur philosophy is that every child deserves a loving family and that every family deserves an adoption agency they can trust. We have helped many families become parents to children… helped them learn about adoption and prepare to bring a new child into their home.  International adoption is an essential option for children worldwide, who face a bleak future without loving families.

Children are relinquished and orphaned all over the world. Poverty, illness, social stigma all contribute to why a birthmother and father would choose adoption for their child. Our mission, through our families, is to provide the best possible opportunity for an orphaned child to grow up in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Our domestic adoption program, ABC Infant Adoption LLC, provides FREE services to birthmothers and fathers.  If you choose to place your child for adoption, we have wonderful, caring and open-hearted parents waiting to love your child as their own. We help birthmothers and fathers explore their options and come to a decision about what they feel in their heart would be best for their child. Birthparents and adoptive families may agree upon open, semi-open or closed adoptions.

In adoption, it takes many people to form a family. Birthparents, adoptive parents, agency staff and a host of government personnel, all working together to ensure a bright future. All working together to protect the rights of the child and comply with the laws of the US or foreign country.

Adoption can be complicated. We are here to help.

Call International Child Foundation for…

an Arizona Adoption Home Study for certification, International Adoption, Domestic Adoption, adoption education, adoption resources and referrals to adoption-related service providers.  We can prepare home studies for any country.  We can also recommend other agencies who provide adoption services for other countries. 

Our Commitments ~ honesty, compassion, straightforward information, a listening ear, empathy, expertise, integrity. Families find us to be supportive and knowledgeable and to have a sense of humor as well as being serious about adoption! We’re human, many of us are adoptive parents, we truly want to help children find forever families, help birthparents make choices that feel right to them, and adoptive parents enter into adoption as prepared as possible.

We are more than an agency… we are an adoption resource for all families.

Tucson 520 531-9931 ~ Phoenix 480 751-1015 ~ Email us at info@childfound.org

For detailed information on international adoption and the Hague Convention,
please visit the US Dept of State at

The Future of International Adoption

We believe that every participant in an adoption is a stakeholder and the future of adoption depends on collaboration.  We work with many other agencies across the US to ensure that all adoptive families receive expert, caring services.

International Child Foundation was among the first agencies to be accredited under the Hague Convention, the second adoption agency to be approved in Mexico and the third US agency to be approved in Burundi.  Both Mexico and Burundi are Hague Convention member countries.

International Child Foundation has taken the lead in finding ways to help families adopt relatives from other countries.  International adoption is a complex process and we are eager to unite orphaned children with relatives in the US.

International Child Foundation is a voice and advocate for ethical adoption across the spectrum of stakeholders..We are members in the prestigious National Council for Adoption and frequently speakers at their conferences, maintain close contact with the US Department of State and US Citizen and Immigration Services, and travel to our countries of adoption regularly.  How can an agency provide in-person knowledge and adequate oversight of a foreign program without being there?  It is not possible.  We make this commitment to ensure that every adoption is handled transparently and correctly, under the laws that govern adoption.NCFA-2014 Member Agency Logo

There are children all over the planet who need families–children who need permanency through adoption.  There are lots of families who would love to adopt children.  The challenge is creating partnerships with people all over the world dedicated to the same goal–finding a family for every child in need and providing ethical adoption services.

Join us.  We will help with your adoption, share our knowledge, provide counseling and resources after you bring your child home.  Adoption, as all parenting, is a lifelong process.  We know a lot about it.  We’ve been there, ourselves; many people on our staff are part of adoptive families.  We live it.  Adoption is not a career, it’s a mission.  We care.  We will care about your adoption experience and give you honest information, access to our program directors and ongoing support.

Thank you all — Board, staff, families — for your help with the renewal of our Hague accreditation.  International Child Foundation is accredited through March 31, 2017.

Start Now–Learn About Adoption

We recommend many great books for adoptive families…

Raising Adopted Children
by Lois Ruskai Melina
The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog
by Bruce Perry, MD
There is No Me without You
by Melissa Fay Greene
Holding Time
by Martha Welch, MD
The Weaver’s Craft
by Mary Hopkins-Best
Nurturing Adoptions by Deborah D. Gray
The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis, PhD, D. Cross & W. L. Sunshin