ICF Board & Agency Initiatives

International Child Foundation was incorporated in 2004 with a mission to serve children in need of families.  The founders and board members of International Child Foundation include professionals from the areas of adoption, education, medicine, science, technology, business and international studies. Several board and staff members are adoptive parents, as well.  ICF was one of the first agencies to receive Hague Accreditation from the US Dept of State, through the Council on Accreditation.   In 2008, our mission expanded to promoting the rights of children to permanency.


Jackie Semar & Bruce Walker

Jackie Semar & Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker, Chair; Maryline Boulay, M.A.; Dr. Andrzej Weichsel, Ph.D.; Jackie Semar, M.Ed., Executive Director; Dr. Randee Nicholas, D.O. (Emeritis)


Bruce Walker, Chair; Jackie Semar, President; Lori Chang, Secretary

Executive Committee

Andrzej Weichsel, Joay Atkinson, Michelle Renzetti

Finance Committee

Lori Chang, Joay Atkinson, Andrzej Weichsel

Executive  Director

Claudia-Jacqueline Semar “Jackie” co-founded International Child Foundation in 2004 with Bruce Walker, Dr. Andrzej Weichsel, Maryline Boulay and Dr. Randee Nicholas.  The mission was and remains to provide permanency for orphaned children.  She provides oversight of all agency operations, reporting to Governing Board, including policy and program development, regulatory compliance, budgeting, staffing, clinical supervision, training, quality assurance and humanitarian projects.  Under her tenure, ICF has provided direct adoption services in Guatemala, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico and Burundi, and collaborative inter-agency programs in Vietnam, China and Kazakhstan, as well as adoption education, home study certification and post-adoption support services.

Jackie’s achievements include ICF’s Hague Accreditation in 2008 and 2012; Central Authority authorization to provide adoption services in Mexico and Burundi; development of professional training for Convention adoption service providers.  She is a Hague Commissioner and Peer Reviewer for COA and holds a Leadership Award from the U.S. Depart. of State.

She is a highly regarded voice in the adoption community and co-presented, in 2013, at the National Council for Adoption Conference, New Frontiers: Redefining Program Development in Emerging Convention Countries.  She co-presented, in 2014, at the National Council for Adoption Conference, Collaboration is the New Currency: Creating a Global Path for

AZ Home Study Certification Staff

We have a diverse team of talented, compassionate and professional home study caseworkers. Our social workers provide education and support to families throughout the adoption and home study certification process.  Four of our staff are also adoptive parents, through international and domestic adoptions.  They add the power of personal experience to what ICF offers adoptive families.

Birthmother & Birthfather Counselor Staff

We are fortunate to have experienced professional case coordinators for the ABC Infant Adoption program.  More information about our staff is available on the ICF Adoption Staff page.

International Adoption Program Staff & Initiatives

Jackie Semar, Executive Director, is currently working toward resuming adoption services in Kyrgyzstan with Tatiana Belousova.

Bruce Walker and Tiffany Ragels traveled to Bujumbura, Burundi, in January 2013  to establish an adoption program.  International Child Foundation now assists families adopting from Burundi and Burkina Faso.

Luis Enrique Harari is ICF’s Mexico Foreign Legal Representative.  Gisele Madeleine Thiombiano represents ICF’s adoption program in Burkina Faso.

ICF continues to provide Arizona home study and post adoption services to families adopting from all countries. ICF also collaborates with agencies providing adoption services in other countries.

Collaboration is the key for adoptive families to have a seamless adoption experience, as it involves a high level of inter-agency communication that keeps families “in the loop.”  ICF can assist US citizens living in foreign countries adopt, both internationally and through the domestic adoption program.  Call us for information about adoption.  We are here to help!